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Joe McCloskey - Owner


Ann McCloskey - Owner



Walter Flowers - Truck Town Store Manager

719-594-9400 - WalterF@BigJoeAuto.com

Walter was born and raised in El PasoTexas into a military family. Following suit, he joined the Army, with his twin brother, and served his country for eight years. During his eight years, he moved to Colorado and was stationed at Fort Carson. After leaving the military he started his career in the auto industry. He has been apart of the McCloskey team for 10 years. In this time, he has held multiple positions, starting with sales, moving up to finance, and now is one of the Truck Town store managers. He loves working here, because of the great atmosphere and people he gets to work with everyday. He is a husband to a beautiful wife and father to two children, a 10 year old daughter and 4 year old son.


Outside of work he likes to hang out with his family, his dog and pet pig. He also enjoys golfing and working out. 

Brett Buckridge - Sales Manager

719-594-9400 - BrettB@BigJoeAuto.com

Marie Whitt - Sales Manager

719-594-9400 - MarieW@BigJoeAuto.com


Michael Phillips - Digital Marketing & Business Development Executive

719-594-9400 - Mike@BigJoeAuto.com

Mike grew up in Steamboat Springs and Colorado Springs has 25 years management & sales experience, with over 10 years exclusively in the automotive industry. 

He enjoys playing hockey, and raising his three kids with his wife Brooke.


Patrick Spall - Sales Consultant

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Michael Byczek - Sales Consultant

719-594-9400 - MichaelB@BigJoeAuto.com


Eric May - Sales Consultant

719-594-9400 - EricM@BigJoeAuto.com

Jason Lasalle - Sales Consultant

719-594-9400 - JasonL@BigJoeAuto.com

Tonya Adams - Sales Associate

719-594-9400 - TonyaA@BigJoeAuto.com


Henry Moret - Sales Consultant

719-594-9400 - HenryM@BigJoeAuto.com

Matt Steele - Sales Consultant

719-594-9400 - MattS@BigJoeAuto.com

Ray Rivera - McAcceptance Specialist

719-594-9400 - RayR@BigJoeAuto.com


Bryan Donati - Finance Manager

719-594-9400 - BryanM@BigJoeAuto.com




Detail Center

Kirby Kinkennon - Appearance Center Manager

719-685-7047 - KirbyK@BigJoeAuto.com


Ian Ruppert - Paint Touch Up

719-685-7047 - IanR@BigJoeAuto.com


Shaun Moore - Paint Touch Up

719-685-7047 - ShaunM@BigJoeAuto.com

Daniel Quick - Detail

719-685-7047 - DanielQ@BigJoeAuto.com


Craig Whitt - Detail

719-594-9400 - CraigW@BigJoeAuto.com

Colin Phillips - Detail

719-594-9400 - ColinP@BigJoeAuto.com


Tom Kelley - Inventory Specialist

719-594-9400 -

Tom was born and raised in XeniaOhio. In 2001 he moved to Colorado Springs and started working at Magnisight Inc, where he worked in shipping and receiving for 13 years. He recently started here at McCloskey's and is the Truck Town lot tech.


When he is not at work Tom loves to hang out with his 7 year old grandson, go camping, and shoot his crossbow. 

Trent Martin - Inventory Specialist

719-594-9400 - TrentM@BigJoeAuto.com

Trent was born in Kansas City and raised in southwest Missouri. He is currently a senior at Rampart High School. He started his first job, here at McCloskey Motors, as a lot tech at the beginning of September.


When Trent is not at work or school he loves to go hunting, fishing, and hiking. 

Customer Experience

Jamie Schroeder - Marketing

719-594-9400 -

Jamie was born in Colorado Springs, He started here at McCloskey as a Lot tech moved to sales, and is now in our marketing department. Jamie has been with us for just over a year. In his off time Jamie enjoys Snowboarding, Biking, and hiking with his wife, son, and dog.  

Anthony Guerra - Customer Service

719-286-6966 - AnthonyG@BigJoeAuto.com

Anthony is a fun-loving Colorado Springs native who started at McCloskey Motors 3 years ago with no knowledge in the car industry whatsoever! Since then he has been proud to be a part of and learn from such a knowledgeable and committed team! He enjoys skateboarding and listening to good books.

Erica Wretlind - Customer Service

719-268-6966 - EricaW@BigJoeAuto.com

Erica was born and raised in Burbank California. She has traveled and lived all over the country including Hawaii before moving to Colorado. She has lived here for the last 6 years. She started working for McCloskey Motors in Dec 2013.

Lindsey Tybo - Service Reception

719-685-7010 - LindseyT@BigJoeAuto.com


Jaclynne Streich - Customer Service

719-268-6966 - JaclynneS@BigJoeAuto.com

Jaclynne was born and raised in Colorado. When she is not at work, she is at home raising her twins. She enjoys dancing and spending time with her family. 

Katie LaSalle - Customer Service

719-268-6966 - KatieL@BigJoeAuto.com

Katie was born in Denver, CO, and has lived in Colorado Springs her entire life. She began working at McCloskey Motors at the beginning of June and works in the call center, setting appointments and following up with customers. She attends school full time at University of Colorado, and spends most of her time between work and school.

Maggie LaSalle - Customer Service

719-268-6966 - MaggieL@BigJoeAuto.com